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Chip and Chuck online shop

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WORK samples (click image above to view gallery) displaying a range of graphic imagery from concept to final, traditional to digital, static to motion and character design (Chip & Chuck T-Shirts here) to projection. Video YouTube channel link contains tutorials from projection mapping (Madmapper) to pre-press, digital Publication, illustration and design.


Thinkforward - is about exploring/showcasing design techniques and ideas with a digital focus in mind. As a practitioner and educator in Design (Phillip Andrews MDes: Lecturer in Design) my aim via work portfolio and YouTube tutorials is simply to provide a design perspective. Whether you use a pencil or an application the purpose is to control it and in doing so discover your own style.

Metaverse illustration, design website:

Metaverse design training website

Spokes Character thesis cover art
Masters thesis 2005: The role of spokes characters in contemporary website design (19.4mb pdf).
ANZAAE conference presentation (2017). "A bit of a character". Digital communication - icons and comic characters.
Behance Chip & Chuck comic character series.

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Thinkforward is based in the Manawatu, NEW ZEALAND.